Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's a Good Day to be a Flamer. Is it a Good Day to be a Gamer?

By now many of you have read that Jason West and Vincent Zampella have formed a new company, Respawn, with a juicy deal from EA.

First let's get this out of the way: I was wrong. In my Face!

Now let's set the record straight: I am happy for them. I wouldn't wish anything to be different. In fact, if I had any say, then there wouldn't be so many clouds around their departure and all parties, including Acivision, would be happy with the situation.

I wish there would be a precedent set that indeed made the greater part of my statement, that diversity of product is in jeopardy in the AAA business, wrong as well.

What flamers don't understand is that I don't wish that diversity is in Jeopardy, or that developers can't get new gigs, but the opposite. I predicted the trend, but I wish to be wrong. This is similar to predicting global warming. None of the scientists are excited for possible polar bear extinctions. They hope they are wrong, or that some unknown variable might change the course. I wish it was ALL really in my face.

Those of you that read my Response to Bonus Round 402 Section 3, and have a greater depth than the average flamer, will realize this is a more nuanced situation. Again, I HOPE that Vince and Jason do create a great new IP, but there is a lot not to like.

First and most obvious, this is not the workings of a healthy industry. If starting a new development team requires lawsuits by both parties (with a possible further one from Activision claiming tortiuos interference against EA), an uncertain future for the team at the publisher, and possible loss of royalties for the leaving developer then this really will be the exception to the rule.

How many developers are going to follow in their footsteps if this is the case? If Activision does sue EA, then how many publishers will give the needed financing the next new development team to leave? I don't want to weigh in on the case itself, but it is certain that a lawsuit is miserable for all parties involved and that it will take years to resolve. That is unless Jason and Vince are willing to give up a good deal of their royalties in a settlement.

Lawsuits are also a major distraction. Jason and Vince will be fighting in court at the same time that they are trying to build a new team. And building a new team is a major challenge. They will have to hire 100+ people and get an engine and development system in place. Most people aren't aware of how hard this is today. Once more for the record, I hope they succeed, but we are far from certain that they will be able to create a new team and a successful new IP at the same time. It is a massive undertaking.

There is some word that other members of IW may follow them, and this is relevant to the discussion about diversity. If enough of them leave that Activision feels it has to use another team to continue COD then we haven't increased diversity... we've just shifted a team to independence. This would be similar to the Bungie spinoff, which created an independent developer (in a much more peaceful way) but didn't add to the number of teams in the business. This still remains to be seen.

So it is a great day for flamers (what day isn't?), but is it really a good day for Gamers?

Time will tell.


  1. Hello Mr. Rubin,

    A very good and interesting view of you about the suite going both ways to and from Activion and Zempella and West. I, myself as a law student, though im more intersted in philosphy of law. This sounds a bit like the new Eis age. let me explain. Eis in dutch means demanding, claiming. (ice and eis prenounced in the same way). The world we live in nowadays is focused on claiming, hell its even a culture. This example might not be the greatest, since this might be one worth a claim.
    What im trying to say is actually the same thing as you mister Rubin, do we want battle for the judge? While we want the guys to make
    good games.
    Good Luck with your new project.

    PS: Im apoligizing (isnt spelled right, but i cant figure out what it should be) for my kind of flamerlike opinion against somethings you stated in the last Bonus Round you were in. In the field that im majoring now, I should know better, and bring arguments forward, not flaming. So again im sorry.

    PPS: check out my own blog muhaha for popular culture and philosophy. Im talking about all aspects of popular culture, games, comics etc.

  2. Well, it looks like I was more right than wrong. Yes, Jason and Vince got new jobs. But it looks like their whole team is following them and thus...

    No new team was created. Just a team moved. This is no different for IP creation than Epic switching publisher.

    This does not help with the diversity of product problem. Yes, they will make a new IP, but Activision will have to take an existing team and put them on COD which nets us an equivalent number of teams that could be creating new IP.

    Of course, Jason and Vince are at the top of their game in creating IP. I think their next product is likely to be better than any team behind door number two. However, they could have created the new IP inside Activision with the same net results in industry team count (and 3 less lawsuits, a boatload less negative press, and a lot less anger all around).

    Thus, the Jason and Vince move is valueless in the argument that a new team can be created to make AAA IP in 2010.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog posts and please write some more if you enjoy it (and of course have the time).

    Also, I have a question (unrelated to blog posts though) if you're still active and willing to answer. I currently have the opportunity to go to UCLA or UCSD and I'm torn. UCLA is obviously way more reputable and an opportunity like that is hard to give up but at the same time UCSD just seems like a much better place to just live in and I'd probably be more happy living there. So I'm just wondering how much the reputation of the school matters when applying to video game companies? Are there other factors I should consider? You were once in charge of one of the biggest studios in the industry, so your input would be extremely valuable to me and highly appreciated but I do understand if you do not have the time.

  4. Thanks Barom. I haven't had time to write as many blogs as I'd like. I have 3 half finished ones but nothing postable. I'm just not much of a blogger.

    I'll answer your other question directly, send me an e-mail or find me on facebook through jasonrubin.com